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Out of the blue

Fire has always been the refuge of our ancestors. Fire, creates a space of comfort. A refuge emerged out of the blue.

Fire illuminates, warms, protects and ignites undefined spaces, open and shared.  In alchemy the chemical element of sulfur was often associated with fire: its symbol was an upward-pointing triangle. The triangles, inspired by these flames, try to exercise the same function.

The project stems from a basic unit: an equilateral triangle side of 9 meters. This “flame” is formed by a group of pieces that are home to different types of content and are ready to be deployed to serve an extensive transparent and open common area.

A group of these triangles together, become a complete city covering all the basic needs with potential for very complex flexibility. More inhabitants: more modular triangles added to the city web.

Furniture will be able to slide across the floor along grooves, formed by interlocking triangles which compose the floor. Thus the pieces can easily be moved by one person.

Each piece has a double skin. The outer face is formed by white ceramic slats which reflect the light of the sun during the day and at night allow the lights inside to illuminate the outside. The double skin also allows for cupboards, storage, awnings, bike parking, water tanks and other such necessities. 

The flexibility of a triangular module like this, allows the project to function in three ways: as an individual module (maximum 20 people); to form a big emergency city; or as a temporary home for thousands of refugees. It is the perfect set-up for festivals, fairs, campsites etc. It will create a new and comfortable way of living for all.

This open, shared and changing space is conquered by the triangle as fire conquers a cave: out of the blue.

Location: Black Rock, Nevada, USA
Year: 2015